A little hub of creativity in north east England

Hi, I’m Carrie, printmaker and Celtic knot artist and owner of Dendryad Art.

I work from my studio in Derwentside, County Durham, and create lino prints of local landscapes and nature, original hand drawn Celtic knotwork and illustrations featuring sacred geometry and nature themes. I also love to teach these skills to others – find out more at www.craftsforwellbeing.co.uk


My love of printmaking started with very humble beginnings. Since childhood I have loved letter writing, and it is through this medium that I came to carving my own stamps. I had long since decorated my letters and envelopes with doodles and shop bought rubber stamps, and when I came across a rubber stamp carving kit way back in 1990, I decided to buy it and give it a go. I’ve never looked back since.

My very first carving was a smiley sun. Along with this very first carving, came my very first carving injury – a v-blade through the side of my left index finger. I learned my lesson very early on!

The more I carved, the more my printmaking practice developed, and from those humble beginnings of a simple sun rubber stamp to decorate my stationery, I now create detailed prints of landscapes and architecture that are firmly in the art category. Whenever I go out on walks, I am always on the lookout for a new subject to carve, sketchbook and camera at the ready. I live in a village in the north east of England, on the edge of the North Pennines mountain range and where there are plenty of wooded areas. The local scenery shapes my artwork.


As well as loving printmaking, I have always drawn, and about 15 years ago started drawing Celtic knots after coming across wonderful books by George Bain and Aidan Meehan and being inspired to try my hand at this ancient artform. Over the years I have also incorporated sacred geometry and nature themes into these illustrations, creating a unique Celtic knotwork style of my own.

As well as selling prints and greetings cards of these illustrations I have also created two colouring books for all of you adult colouring enthusiasts out there! My third colouring book will be out in May 2022.


Originally from the Lancastrian coast, I have moved many times, living in Cumbria, the Midlands, Greater Manchester, South Yorkshire, north east Germany and the Peak District, and finally settled in County Durham 24 years ago! I trained as a graphic designer at a publishing firm in Leicester in the early 1990s (everything was done on a Compugraphic typesetter machine then, with scalpels and plenty of spray adhesive!), and I also completed a BA (Hons) degree in Germanic Studies in the mid-1990s, which involved a wonderful year living in north eastern Germany, on the Baltic coast. I live with my wonderful partner, who is also a Celtic knot artist, and we spend our spare time renovating our house and working in our allotment – and enjoying the produce from it, of course! We have spent many wonderful months in Galicia in north western Spain, a proud Celtic nation, and so I am currently learning castellano, in the hope that we can emigrate there one day.

Lino printing at Beamish Museum
Lino printing at Beamish Museum
Screen printing workshop in progress
Lino cut printmaking workshop in progress
Printmaking workshop in progress
Monoprint printmaking workshop in progress