Pansy lino print


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A vibrant reduction lino print of a pansy.

This is a three colour reduction print, where the lino block is destroyed during the carving process. Starting with the lightest colour, areas are cut away from the carving material to create the lightest base layer, then a run of prints is taken. The next layer has more cut out from the material, and more prints are taken and so on, and until the final black layer is cut and printed.

Due to this process, there will only ever be 5 lino prints of this carving in existence. This is the first lino print in the edition. About 10 hours of work were involved in making these five lino prints.

The lino print is printed on A5 Japanese simili paper (approx. 148mm x 210mm). It comes in a mat surround, which is suitable for a 9″ x 7″ frame.

Every attempt has been made to display the colours accurately, but your screen and mine differ, so there will probably be a slight difference in colour.

You are buying this hand made lino print directly from the artist – thank you for your support!

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